This course is for you if...

✅ you struggle with self-care

✅ you want to take better care of yourself but you don't know where to start

✅ you know there's more to self-care than manicures and bubble baths

✅ you are ready to take a deep dive into what it means to be YOU

✅ you want to leave behind years of mistreating yourself, one step at a time

In this course, you will...

Define what self-care means to you

Your self-care journey is personal and your goals should reflect your own personal needs, desires, and lifestyle.

Add self-care routines into your daily life

It may seem impossible, but there ARE ways to include daily self-care practices in your life.

Commit to your self-care journey

Only through commitment can you succeed in practicing daily self-care. But it's easier than you might think.

Start relaxing more

One of the core aspects of self-care is time for relaxation and rejuvenation. You'll quickly see the positive effects.

Improve your sleep

You might not think it can be done, but you will begin your journey to longer, more restful nights of sleep.

Begin creating healthy boundaries

In this course you'll begin to learn to create HEALTHY boundaries in your life.

...and so much more

Who am I?

Photographer & Owner at Gabriela Cruz Photography

Hi, I'm Yahozka! I'll be leading you through this 28-day self-care course.

As an empowerment boudoir photographer who works with many women in our studio and in our online community I know just how hard it can be for women to feel deserving of self-care.

Once we take the step toward believing we deserve it we often don't know where to start if we want to begin practicing it.

I created this 28-day course to help women who, like me, struggle to care for themselves. And, yes, even though my team and I made this course, I STILL struggle to stay on top of my self-care sometimes. Making this course and TAKING this course has been hugely helpful in my own life. I hope it's helpful in your journey, too.

Preview the workbook

40 pages of information and guided self-reflection.

Complete with journal prompts, progress tracking and much more.
This is not a "fluff" workbook you see in some online courses.
This is where the real work happens.

28 days of work you can do at any time of day or even at your own pace. Many of our course participants like to open their workbook first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. Some like to reflect before bed.

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